Sunday, 10 October 2010

Uxbridge English Dictionary

The BBC Radio 4 panel show Sorry I Haven't A Clue is one of my personal favourites. And within the show, the highlight, for me is the round titled 'The Uxbridge English Dictionary' where panelists offer new definitions. This thread is a homage to the wonderful game.

Please offer any definitions you have come across yourself and enjoy the submissions of others.


  1. Here are a few get us started ...

    Acetic - ocean dwelling insect
    Adolesence - extract of doll
    Ecology - the study of screams
    Headbutt - the opposite of a butthead
    Protractor - in favour of farm vehicles
    Underage - to be insufficiently angry

  2. How about ...

    Aphrodisiac - disorientated cow with big hair
    Bamboozle - a panda night out
    Caramelise - false eyes that double as gob-stoppers
    Carbuncle - starchy relative
    Minotaur - a short trip


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